Women have stories to tell, have experiences that can inform solutions, and face barriers to equity and participation in society, as well as in conversations on issues that matter to them.

One of the key ways that women connect at the Centre is through our issue-related discussions.

The Women’s Centre works with volunteers and community leaders to host issues discussions and joint workshops on topics ranging from motherhood and women (missing) in politics, to violence against Indigenous women and food security in our city, to women and ecological grief, and biking and gender in the urban environment. 

You can read more about our issue discussions below and find upcoming topics and times on our calendar.

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Social Issues Discussions

Through our Social Issues discussions, we work to provide a space where women can openly explore different social issues that affect our communities, including by learning from those with expertise or lived experience of the issue and by engaging in conversations with facilitators and each other. 

Women and Environment

In response to increased interest in our community for opportunities to discuss and increase women’s knowledge of environmental issues, and an absence of women’s voices in environmental work – particularly women further marginalized by other factors – we launched our Women and Environment program in 2017. It creates a safe and accessible space for women to learn about and take action on environmental issues that are important to them, by participating in our Environmental Issues Discussions and other events, as well as in the work of our Environmental Issues Committee.

Reconciliation and Indigenous Issues

Our Reconciliation work is focused on building stronger relationships with Indigenous women within the Women’s Centre and with Indigenous partners in the community, and on identifying any barriers to participation in the Centre, including volunteering. The Women’s Centre holds space for individuals to learn about Truth and Reconciliation, to gain knowledge on Indigenous issues, and also how to move forward in being an ally to Indigenous women.

Awareness Into Action

Our Awareness Into Action series creates opportunities for women in our community to learn about an issue from an intersectional gender perspective, followed by taking action to affect change, together with other women. The Awareness Into Action series is designed to provide opportunities for women to move from awareness to action on the interconnected social, environmental and Reconciliation issues. This series is an enhancement to our existing workshop structure. Multiple workshops in the series provide women with the opportunity to deeply explore a topic through a gender plus lens and build their awareness around an issue. The series then provides an event or activity that can address possible change around the issue they are exploring.

Social Issues Readings

We use our social issues readings mailing list as a platform to share easy-to-read articles on current events and analysis on a variety of topics, including gender (in)equality, the environment, women’s and girls leadership, media representation, as well as Indigenous women’s issues. Sign up to receive the monthly reading list with articles on women’s issues from here in Calgary, and around the world! 

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