Work for Change

Work for ChangeThe Women’s Centre is a lively space dedicated to learning about social issues and creating social change. Women are still facing barriers to equity and participation in society. We believe it is important to address these issues.

In addition to helping women meet their basic needs and create community, we strive to ensure women’s voices are present in dialogues around various social, political and economic issues. We work for change by spreading awareness and focusing on critical issues that matter to women.

The Issues

In 2018, 45% of the women who came to the Women’s Centre told us that they were currently dealing with poverty.

Work for Change

At the Women’s Centre, we understand that meeting women’s basic needs is only a part of the greater solution to the issue of women experiencing poverty.

We recognize that in order to make lasting change, we need to challenge and question policies that contribute to women’s inequities and propose solutions that take into consideration women’s experiences and needs.

For example, as women are disproportionately responsible for child care and a large amount of work in the home, access to high quality, affordable, accessible child care is important in the reduction of women’s poverty. Also, the shortage of affordable housing affects women and children in unique ways that are connected to systemic gender inequality. The threat of violence (assault, abuse, sexual harassment of tenants, etc.) can result in homelessness, while some women stay in violent relationships because of a lack of housing alternatives.

Our Services Include:

Social Issues Discussions Series
The Centre also works with volunteers to host a monthly discussion series on topics ranging from women living with disabilities, to food security in our city. If you’re interested in getting involved, please attend the next Social Issues Discussion series on the first Wednesday evening of the month. You can find the topic and times on our calendar.

Please visit the volunteer page  if you would like more information.

Social Policy Committee
This group of dedicated volunteers meets monthly to work on public policy and social issues affecting women. In our research and outreach work, the Women’s Centre strives to represent women’s voices on existing policy and issues important to them, as well as provide direction on future policy.

Social Justice Readings and Board
We use our social justice board and readings as a platform to share easy-to-read articles, current events and research. Sign up to receive the monthly reading list with articles on women’s issues from here in Calgary, and around the world!

Women and Environment Program
Women in our community have told us they are interested in learning more about environmental issues. Our Women and Environment program is a safe and welcoming space for women to come together to learn about environmental problems and sustainable solutions, exploring the ways women are impacted by, and can contribute to, problems like climate change, food security, and energy poverty. We partner with community leaders to host joint-workshops and issues discussions on the third Wednesday of every month. You can find the topic and times on our calendar.

Women Lead YYC
Women Lead YYC is a program designed to support women who want to lead, influence or participate in collective action in order to improve their community. This program explores mindsets, leadership approaches and communication strategies that boost the chances of successfully influencing change.

Spreading the Word
The Women’s Centre of Calgary uses marketing tools, Work for Changesuch as newsletters, Fast Facts, Facebook, Twitter, email and our website to reach a broad range of people.

We collaborate with community members and organizations to address issues that matter to women in the city and province and provide a gender lens to policy development.

Community Outreach
Our staff and volunteers attend a variety of local community events and meetings to promote awareness about issues that affect women.

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