Work for Change

In addition to helping women meet their basic needs and create community, we strive to ensure women's voices are present in dialogues around various social, political and economic issues, and that policy proposals are considered through a gender-plus lens.

The Women’s Centre is a lively space dedicated to learning about social issues and creating social change. Women still face barriers to equity and participation in society. We believe it is important to address those barriers.

We Work for Change by:
  • Spreading awareness
  • Creating opportunities for learning and discussion
  • Supporting women’s leadership
  • Focusing on critical issues that matter to women
  • Bringing a gender-plus lens to public policy in our outreach and research efforts

Engaging on Issues

We strive to give all women opportunities to learn about and get involved in social justice and policy issues that matter to them. The Women’s Centre regularly hosts issues discussions on a variety of social issues topics, as well as Reconciliation and Indigenous issues. We also compile a monthly, social issues readings list to share easy-to-read articles, current events and research on a variety of topics. For more information on our social issues discussions and readings please visit our Engaging on Issues page. 

Women Lead YYC

Women Lead YYC is a program designed to support women who want to lead, influence or participate in collective action in order to improve their community. This program explores mindsets, leadership approaches and communication strategies that boost the chances of successfully influencing change. For more information about the program and to be notified about the next round of applications, visit the Women Lead YYC page.

Girls Lead YYC

Girls Lead YYC is a program designed for girls grades 10-12 who want to lead, influence, and participate in collective action to improve their schools, communities, and beyond. As a group of community-minded girls, Girls Lead YYC participants explore different leadership styles and build on existing strengths to move towards creating meaningful social change. For more information about the program and to be notified about the next round of applications, visit the Girls Lead YYC page.

Public Policy and Advocacy​

Our public policy and advocacy work seeks to provide women with a voice on issues that matter to them and bring their needs and concerns to policy discussions at the city and the province. 

We work collaboratively with community partners, civil servants and elected officials to bring a gender-plus lens and build public policy solutions that improve the status of women and advance gender equality. 

We are a partner in Calgary’s Enough for All poverty reduction strategy, and an active member of several city-wide groups and coalitions, including Fair Calgary Community Voices, Basic Income Calgary and Keep Calgary Strong.

The Women’s Centre also works on community networks and coalitions to address service needs and bring women’s and diversity issues on the agenda. Learn more about our Intersectional Feminist Recovery Agenda.

A partner in Calgary’s poverty reduction strategy

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