Women’s Centre Welcomes Holy

Join us in welcoming and getting to know Holy Linton, our new basic needs coordinator.

A bit about myself …

I am from a tropical and beautiful country, Madagascar. English is my third language. I speak Malagasy and French. A little bit of Spanish too. I love my bed, Zumba, mangoes, reading autobiographies, trying different food from different countries. If I could have a second career I would love to be an interior designer.

What brought me to the Women’s Centre …

I grew up surrounded by women: my mother, sister, maternal aunts and cousins. I terribly missed that kind of connection when I moved to Canada. I came to the Women’s Centre with the hope to re-connect with women, and I have in the most wonderful and amazing ways.

A woman whom I admire …

Mother Teresa for the unconditional and tremendous devotion that she had for others.

My favourite book … The Little Prince

My favourite TV show … Grey’s Anatomy

My personal definition of “feminism”:

Being aware and recognizing that girls and women still face barriers and discrimination because of their gender AND doing something about it.

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