Who We Are

The Women’s Centre provides a safe and supportive space accessed by thousands of women in Calgary. We offer women opportunities to both receive and provide support, connect with others and build community through a variety of programs. While the Women’s Centre is open to all women, 45% of the women who access our services and volunteer their time are living in poverty.

We believe in the potential of every woman, and that women are strong and capable. Our approach starts by recognizing that women are experts in their own lives, and they know best what they need. We also recognize that systemic barriers often prevent women from living the lives they want. Through our work for change initiatives, we advocate for systemic changes and new policies that will positively impact the lives of women.

Our trust-based work, supported by over 700 active volunteers, is centered on a philosophy of women helping women. Enabling a woman to both get support and give back as she is able provides her with opportunities to feel valued and to maintain a sense of dignity and belonging. At the Women’s Centre, every woman’s participation is equally respected and valued. We know that diverse participation is necessary for the community to benefit from the strengths and perspectives that women hold.

  • Our Mission: To be every woman’s place for support, connections and community.
  • Our Vision: Women supporting communities, communities supporting women.

The Women’s Centre is a safe place for women to:

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