Why I Walk for the Women’s Centre

Every day, I get a countdown on how many more days until the Scotiabank Marathon from my training partner, Declan. We have the day marked on our Ninja Turtle calendar. We have a special app on my phone that we start when we go out training so we can see how far we’ve gone. We have a lot of water breaks. It’s hard not to be distracted by playgrounds, puppies, and snacks.  Declan is in better shape than me, which makes sense, since he’s 5. He has to remind me sometimes to slow down because I have longer legs, so I guess we’re even.

Declan and I are doing the 5K Family Walk/Run at the Scotiabank Marathon on May 29, in support of the Women’s Centre. In addition to this being good motivation for us to get out and walk, we wanted Declan to be involved to engage him in my work with the Women’s Centre. I am privileged to sit on the board of directors of the Women’s Centre, and to chair the Fund Development Committee. The Women’s Centre is one of 77 local non-profits participating in the Scotiabank Marathon Charity Challenge. The money we raise through this event goes to the Women’s Centre’s work in supporting women and their families with their basic needs.

What is special to me about the Women’s Centre is that it really feels like a community. I feel at home in the with the women who visit the Centre. I feel connected to the community of Calgarians who support the Centre. I know that the work we do to support women when they need help, to connect women with each other, and to work together to make social change is important, and immensely rewarding. I want my son to understand all of this, and to know that to be a community member means to help each other.

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