Volunteers working behind the scenes

Our baking pick-up volunteers make sure fresh bread and baking is delivered to the Women’s Centre every Wednesday. Because of their hard work and dedication, we are able to include bread as an option for women who access our Thursday food program and fresh baked goods for women and children who visit the Centre.

Meet Bailee and Tiffany, Women’s Centre Volunteers

Bailee has been volunteering with the Women’s Centre since April 2012. Her reasons for volunteering with the Centre are to meet new people and to contribute to her community in a meaningful way.

When asked what her personal definition of feminism is, Bailee says: “I’m proud to call myself a feminist because I believe everyone, regardless of their gender identity, can and should work together towards the goal of equality. Inequality hurts everyone and is still a feature of life all over the world”.

“It is important to talk about gender and women’s issues and speak up against sexism and inequality in everyday life,” she adds.

Women's Centre Volunteers, Bailee (left) and Tiffany (right)
Women’s Centre Volunteers, Bailee (left) and Tiffany (right)

Tiffany, who has been volunteering with the Women’s Centre since last July, also thinks it is important to make a difference in her community at a grassroots level. “Bringing smiles and good food to women and their families by transporting bread each week makes me smile, too”.

She also encourages women to “support one another and make this world a better place”.

When asked to provide her personal definition of feminism, Tiffany says: “feminism, to me, is the belief that women are incredible, intelligent, valuable, vital and equal contributors to society. It makes me sad when I hear of women who struggle with this, and don’t understand their worth”.

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