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The Women’s Centre is a women-only space that provides services and referrals for all women and is a place where women can come and build community. We work with a unique peer model, where women are recognized as the experts in their own lives, and volunteers work as women helping other women. We offer women referrals, basic needs assistance, peer support, and many other services and provide an informal social space where women can come and meet with other women over refreshments. Women can also learn about social issues and work for social change at the Centre. 

Unless otherwise stated in a posting, our volunteer positions are open to Women identifying and gender-diverse folks who find community at the Women’s Centre who are 18 years old and older. 

Available Volunteer Opportunities

Group Volunteering Opportunities

If you are inquiring about group volunteering, please email Melia at melia@womenscentrecalgary.org

Volunteer Lawyers

We are now accepting male and gender-diverse applicants for our volunteer lawyer positions! Any questions, please email Meaghan at meaghan@womenscentrecalgary.org

  • Must have accreditation as a practicing lawyer in Alberta


We have over 560 active volunteers at the Women’s Centre.

They manage and support all of our programs and services.

The Women’s Centre offers women opportunities to both receive and provide support, to connect with others and build community through a variety of programs. 

Volunteers are responsible for front line services, advocacy work, fundraising and many other duties. The Women’s Centre’s Peer Model welcomes and encourages diversity in culture, experiences and skills, and we work to build a reciprocal process. 

All women can contribute differently and equitably to the Women’s Centre based on their skills, capacity and experience.

Volunteers often share with us stories of the value they receive from volunteering and the impact that their support provides women in our community.

Watch Volunteer at Women's Centre
Watch Volunteer Appreciation Week - 2022
The below is just one story of the impact made on and by volunteers at the Women’s Centre.
“I became a volunteer at the Women’s Centre four years ago. I was new to the city and was feeling overwhelmed and lonely. I became part of the peer support team. The Women’s Centre gave me an outlet to meet people, make friends, and be more purposeful. I was able to provide women with resources to navigate through a variety of issues. I have seen first hand the change the Women’s Centre has made in families’ lives. Women leave here with a sense of empowerment and direction. I wish a place like this existed when I was growing up for my own mom”
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