Why I Volunteer at the Women’s Centre: Julia

We sat down with Julia, a former practicum student at the Women’s Centre to see why she continued to volunteer with us afterwards.

Tell us a bit about how you first started at the Women’s Centre and how you came into it.

I first started at the Women’s Centre in January 2016 as a social work practicum student for my final year of university. I was learning about women’s issues during school and felt really passionate about them. With that interest in mind, I searched and found the perfect placement to help me learn more about women’s issues, but also get involved in change.

We have over 697 active volunteers at the Women’s Centre, what you do think keeps them engaged?

I believe that the volunteers at the Women’s Centre feel engaged because they get to interact with the community on different levels. Whether it’s an event or one on one with help for basic needs, all the volunteers get to meet amazing women in their role.

Out of all our positions, which is your favourite?

My personal favorite role is volunteering for various events that the Women’s Centre holds. I recently just volunteered for the Women Should Know Each Other event and it was a lot of fun. If you have not been, you will have to come to the next one!

How are volunteer programs at the Women’s Centre different from others?

What’s so different is that the Women’s Centre has many different programs, which helps us as volunteers. No matter what our interests, abilities or ambitions are, there is a spot for us at the Women’s Centre. They always accept us as volunteers.

Even though you’ve completed your practicum at the Women’s Centre you still come back! What motivates you to continue to volunteer your time?

The biggest motivation for me would be that when I volunteer at the Women’s Centre I am a part of the change. I help to make women feel comfortable and supported. To be a part of an agency (in any capacity) like the Women’s Centre that works so uniquely and wonderfully when dealing with multiple issues women face is humbling to be a part of. They do an amazing job and I am always happy to help.

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