Peace and serenity: Yoga at the Centre

In Sanskrit, yoga means “to join” or “to unite.” The Women’s Centre is a place where women come to join and build community with other women, and our yoga classes have provided yet another way for this to happen.

Whether it be for Monday afternoon relaxation yoga, or Thursday evening yoga basics, we have a small but dedicated group of women who come to relax, refocus, re-balance and build their strength.

Anne has been part of the Practice English group for years, and recently decided to start coming to relaxation yoga with some of her friends.

“Yoga is good for my body. I have a bad back, so it helps how I am able to move it,” says Anne, who notes that the afternoon time works well for her.

Others come not only because the instructors are experienced and helpful, but because the classes are free of charge.

“When you live on a low income, you don’t have much left over to do the things that are good for your body,” says Sylvia, another attends yoga at the Centre. “A class at a yoga studio costs about $12 a session. I really can’t afford that, so I’m glad there are workshops like this available.”

Join the yogis for the last classes before the new year – Monday, November 21 & 28 and December 5 from 2-3pm!


Call 403-264-1155 to sign up today.

See you in class!


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