This Mothers’ Day, consider giving a different kind of gift

In 2014, nearly one-third of all women who visited the Women’s Centre were single mothers. Every day, we hear stories from women who are working hard to support themselves and their families.

Meet Nicole. She comes to the Centre for the first time after leaving her partner and she has questions about custody and visitation rights. She talks to a volunteer and makes a Legal Advice appointment with a volunteer lawyer to figure out her next steps. She signs up for the Food Day Program and now knows that once a month she’ll have groceries to take to her new home. Referrals are filled out for mattresses and other furniture.

She has enough to cover her first month’s rent, but needs some support for the security deposit. After another conversation with a volunteer, she’s equipped with a list of resources in the city that can help.

Spring break arrives and school is out. Her 11-year-old daughter enrolls in a free, week-long Girl Power Camp where she can connect with her peers and learn about bullying, activism, and other issues relevant to her life.

Nicole feels settled, but the separation was tough and her support system is scattered. She signs up for a free, weekly Zumba class. It’s a chance to meet other women and stay active.

There are thousands of women like Nicole in Calgary. In the first quarter of 2015, we saw a staggering 67% increase in the number of contacts compared to the same period last year. We are struggling to meet the need.

At the Women’s Centre, our mission is to be every woman’s place for support, connections and community. Creating this space is a balance between meeting emergency needs and providing ongoing opportunities for women to grow and to meet other women.

Last year, the Centre provided women with services like emergency food hampers, shampoo, legal advice and ID clinics an average of 198 times every day. (Not to mention over 80 phone calls for peer support, referrals and information every day.)

It’s thanks to the support of 550 volunteers and hundreds of generous donors that the Women’s Centre can provide a safe, supportive environment for women. It’s thanks to financial support from people like you that we can respond to the growing number of women seeking support.

Help us plan for the future and provide sustainable programming by promising ongoing support.

Our Monthly Giving Program

  •  $25 a month will provide 25 women with coffee, tea, fresh fruit and snacks when they visit
  •  $50 a month will provide 25 women a month’s supply of feminine hygiene products
  •  $100 a month will pay for a monthly workshop on issues as diverse as resume
    writing, belly dancing, anti-racism, cultural cooking or safety planning

By donating today, you can help women create the world they want for their children, and themselves. Make a donation  in honour of an important woman in your life and they will be recognized in our Annual Report, and a special spot in our online Living Quilt.


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Susan Gillies
Executive Director


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