Thanking Our Amazing Donors

At the Women’s Centre, we are fortunate to have so many community members who donate their time and talent to programs to our community. From filing taxes, to providing legal advice, to offering peer support to ushering football games, our community members are central to our success and community building at the Centre. Last year, over 700 volunteers delivered programs and services and fundraised in support of the Women’s Centre.

We are lucky to have such a diverse community! While we often talk about volunteers and women, there is another group of people who are also integral to our support…our donors! They invest into our programs because they believe women deserve a space where they can receive assistance, build community and work to change the systems which prevent them from being thriving, engaged members of our community. Our donors see the impact our programs and services have on women who turn to the Centre.

Donations come in many forms. Our personal care items program is mostly supported by in-kind donations from the community, our Toy Room is sponsored by groups who want to make the holidays brighter for women and their children, and we partner with foundations who hold the same mission of creating sustainable change in our communities and our city.

What makes the Women’s Centre unique is that our donors are often women in our community as well. They have accessed services and programs currently and in the past, and want to see them continue to be offered. Our work is centered on a philosophy of women helping women. Enabling a woman to both get support and give back as she is able provides her with opportunities to feel valued and to maintain a sense of dignity and belonging. While it great to be able to receive support, having the opportunity to give back is incredibly empowering.

Some of our donors have been with us since we opened our doors in 1997 and some have just joined us on our journey providing support, connections and community to women. Here are what a few of them had to say about why they donate:

“I have colleagues who have worked and currently work at the Centre. It is in my neighbourhood and I love how dynamic the Centre is in responding to needs of the community. There are so many amazing workshops and opportunities for women to participate in social justice together!”

“Because I receive help from Women’s Centre and I appreciate how your help is great for us.”

If you are already a donor, we would like to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you!” You donate your time, talent or money to an organization you love, because you want to see it continue to do great work. While these are often one-time, annual donations, you can consider another option to encourage long lasting change by becoming a monthly donor. This offers a steady source of funding and allows us to plan for the future without worrying if enough funds will come in to support women in our community. You can become a monthly donor for as little as $10 per month. After one year, that will equal $120 which can provide supplies and snacks for 7 workshops around health, arts and life skills. Interested in learning more? Information about donating can be found here.

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