Every day women tell us how the Women’s Centre has impacted their lives.
In outcome evaluation surveys, women included comments such as:

“I’m an older woman who needs help. I’m embarrassed about asking for help. I’m the one who helps others, not the other way around! I phoned the Women’s Centre because I felt so uneasy about my situation. You see, my partner has become more and more abusive the longer he uses street drugs. I need to get out, but I have no idea how to even start…I knew I needed a lawyer first and foremost to get the money side of things organized before all else, and when I phoned the Centre, the Peer Support Volunteer told me she could put me on the list to speak with a lawyer for free. I’m so happy I’ll have someone who can point me in the right direction. After that, I know I have a lot of other steps to take.”

“The Women’s Centre has helped me when I am going through tough times

always and I really appreciate them being there for us.”

“It has given me a sense of pride and a purpose knowing I can come in and help people out.”

“It has provided me with many resources that are essential to making me feel like I am a part of a community.”

“I’m not sure where I would be without the Women’s Centre. I’m sure I’d be okay, but I’d be much less involved in the community, much less confident and less fulfilled!”

“When I am lonely I come here it helps me so much.”

“I am able to relax or use the computer as I did in the home that I lost.”

“It is critical to have a place in our community that picks up people who fall through the cracks.”

“Coming to the Women’s Centre decreased my sense of isolation. It gave me a place to meet people and also helped me in job searching and finding other resources.”

“The staff and the volunteers have the patience to help with almost any situation they can. They sit and listen and try to help things get better.”

“The Women’s Centre has been a place of great support to my family as we are settling in as new immigrants. There is always someone to talk to and ask questions.”

“The Women’s Centre has helped keep my kids from starving as I have gotten food bank referrals here.”

“I really like the Women’s Centre peer model. It is so great to see people feeling empowered to help themselves and to see the sense of community and friendship at the Centre. It is a really great dynamic. It is a very positive, supportive atmosphere.”

”The Women’s Centre has made such a difference in my life. I got support from the centre when I needed it. I got the help and experience that I needed. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

“Through the Women’s Centre I’ve enjoyed wide range of learning, through workshops, discussions, and even exercise that I have never experienced in my life. It has changed me, made me a well-rounded person, more open and more loving.”

“When I first entered this country three years ago, I didn’t know anyone. One of my neighbours advised me to visit Women’s Centre, where I have received a lot of help.”

“I like the friendly and busy atmosphere. The volunteers and staff, and other clients, are all very friendly and supportive.”

“The Women’s Centre is more like a home to me. Thank you!”

“It has brought more support to women in the community, because it is a place where women go to meet other women and to feel safe.”

“The Women’s Centre makes the community stronger. It lends support and acts as a meeting place for women who are seeking someone to talk to, either to deal with crises or just broaden their horizons.”

“I really enjoy the broad range of backgrounds of the people I’ve met at the Women’s Centre, and the openness to real discussions that I’ve encountered. It is truly a safe space.”