Wildfires and Gender

The Northwest Territories evacuation order for Yellowknife and British Columbia’s declared provincewide state of emergency are the latest additions to Canada’s record-breaking reports on wildfire devastation. With over 13.4 million hectares of land burned, the severity of Canadian wildfires is undoubtedly a result of climate change. Rising greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures have led …

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Women in the Energy Transition (FULL)

Women in the Energy Transition Women hold fewer jobs than men in Alberta’s energy sector, especially leadership roles. This limits the ability of women to lead and participate in solutions to climate change.  Shifting to more renewable energy could create new possibilities for women – but only if the energy transition is fair and inclusive for all.   Join the Women’s Centre, the Pembina Institute and other …

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Women and Water (Online)

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER   The Women’s Centre of Calgary is hosting an event to celebrate and share stories of how water is being used, and the ways our communities come together to protect access to clean drinking water. We are honored to have speakers Marsha Heavyhead, Environmental Technician for the Blood Tribe Land Management …

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Environmental Issues Discussion – Fork This! How Our Food Choices Impact the Planet

How does our diet impact the environment? What food choices reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect the Earth’s land and oceans, and conserve its fresh water? Learn about healthy food choices that benefit you and the planet. Join us for this workshop facilitated by Linda Grandinetti and Jo Hildebrand on whole-food and plant based eating. ALL …

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