Summer Bridgeland Project

This past summer the Women’s Centre undertook a Bridgeland Project, funded by City of Calgary, Family & Community Support Services.  Our goal was to find out how we can increase involvement and participation of Bridgeland women in the Women’s Centre and in turn strengthen our connection to the community.

We asked 75 neighbourhood women about their knowledge of the Women’s Centre and what kind of activities, events and/or programs they were interested in.  We went door-to-door to talk with women, and we met with women at local businesses, churches, apartments, and community organizations.  We also partnered with Muttley Crue for a fun event. They generously hosted a fundraising day – while they groomed dogs we had the opportunity to talk to customers.  We spoke with many women who were interested in connecting with the Women’s Centre, and we got great ideas about possible workshops and groups.

We plan to incorporate our findings into future program planning to better meet the needs of Bridgeland women, and women in general.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Mickey, Volunteer Program Coordinator

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