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Improving Snow Removal in Calgary

Everyone has their opinion about the weather, but many agree that snow removal efforts were lacking this year. This winter was especially rough in Calgary. The snow seemed never ending, and getting around was challenging … Read More

Social Issues Discussion: Migrant Caregivers

Every year, thousands of women come to Canada to work as caregivers for Canadian families. The majority of these women come from the Philippines and must complete 24 months of work in four years before … Read More

Event Recap: Discussing Food Sovereignty

This post was written by Hannah Brundson, winter Practicum Student at the Women’s Centre As a practicum student at the Women’s Centre, I have had a chance grow my understanding of the ways women are … Read More

National Social Work Month: Bringing Change to Life

This post was written by Carole Carpot-Lacassagne, Women’s Centre Basic Needs Coordinator. March is National Social Work Month, which is an opportunity for me to reflect on the profession I chose, or as I like … Read More

Celebrating Black History Month

What comes to mind when you think of February? I used to think of candy hearts, chocolate, and sappy music, but this year, I’ll be thinking of the fascinating herstory of the Black community in … Read More