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Calgary Pride Month and Issues of Homophobic Rhetoric

I don’t have a homophobic bone in my body. These words we’ve heard spoken several times by celebrities and public figures in defense of controversial, homophobic tweets or statements they have made, and were then … Read More

2019 Feminist Walk Recap

The Women’s Centre’s annual Feminist Walk took place this past Saturday August 17 in Moh-kíns-tsis, what is also known as Calgary. Over 30 people gathered in Bridgeland to stroll nearby neighbourhoods and learn about important … Read More

Awareness Into Action Series

Awareness into Action Series: Gender-Based Violence Against Indigenous Women September 23 (Violence Against Women) – October 1 (Violence Against Indigenous Women) – October 4 (Sisters in Spirit Vigil) You are invited to join us in … Read More

Improving Snow Removal in Calgary

Everyone has their opinion about the weather, but many agree that snow removal efforts were lacking this year. This winter was especially rough in Calgary. The snow seemed never ending, and getting around was challenging … Read More

Social Issues Discussion: Migrant Caregivers

Every year, thousands of women come to Canada to work as caregivers for Canadian families. The majority of these women come from the Philippines and must complete 24 months of work in four years before … Read More