#SafeStampede at the Women’s Centre

Stampede season is in full swing! While these ten days are a time of fun, celebration and community in our city, they also have the potential to be a platform for inappropriate and non-inclusive behavior.

At the Women’s Centre, we are encouraged by recent efforts to create a more respectful and inclusive Stampede. Inspired by the #SafeStampede campaign for a safer and more respectful Stampede season, we wanted to share a couple ways you can create a more inclusive Stampede season.

  1. Join the conversation with #SafeStampede 

    #SafeStampede was created in 2015 to raise awareness about the sexual harassment that occurs specifically during Stampede. The hashtag sparked a conversation about the ways this harassment can prevent entire groups from participating in one of our city’s biggest celebrations. This year, the #SafeStampede campaign is being used as a space for conversations about consent and harassment, as well as chance to celebrate positive and inclusive Stampede behavior. For more information, click here.

  2. Read tips and resources for support from community partners to have a positive and safe Stampede experience:

    Calgary Sexual Health Centre

    Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse
    Calgary Transit
    The City of Calgary Police Service
  3. Think about accessibility
    Lend your eyes and your voice to local events in your community. When planning or participating in a Stampede event, think about accessibility. Is the event close to public transit? Is this event a welcoming space for people of various ages, races, sexual orientations and gender identities? Can the event accommodate people of various abilities? Could people of different income levels afford to attend? These are just a few of many questions to ponder in order to create Stampede events for everyone.

This weekend marks the end of Stampede; we hope you have a safe, enjoyable, inclusive celebration of our city’s western heritage, culture, and community spirit!

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