Poverty Costs Alberta 9.5 Billion Dollars

Poverty Costs Alberta 9.5 Billion Dollars

On Monday, February 6, 2012, the Action to End Poverty in Alberta and Vibrant Communities Calgary launched a report that they co-published titled, “Poverty Costs: an economic case for a preventative poverty reduction strategy in Alberta.”

The report, which can be found at http://www.actiontoendpovertyinalberta.org, provides information on how much Alberta spends each year in order to keep the status quo ($7.1 to 9.5 billion per year). Further, the report makes the case that a provincial poverty reduction strategy aimed at prevention would save the province billions of dollars.

More than 90% of contacts at the Women`s Centre are from women living in poverty. There are far too many women and their children in Alberta living in poverty. In a province as rich as this, we must commit to eliminating poverty.


From: http://www.actiontoendpovertyinalberta.org






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