Pandemic Recovery: Building a More Equitable Future for Women

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and deepened inequities in our society, especially for women with intersecting social identities and experiences (such as race, Indigeneity, disability, immigration status, gender identity and income status).

As we look towards recovery, how do we ensure that in the future, wealth, work and care responsibilities are more fairly distributed and that everyone can engage in society on more equitable and just terms?

With funding from Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE), the Women’s Centre has embarked on a multi-year project to engage diverse women in conversations around their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic and potential solutions for systemic change.

Current Project Phase: Discussion Paper

As a key component of the project, we have also published a discussion paper that examines the demographic profile of women across Alberta; the well-being of women across five domains (financial security; basic needs; participation and choice; freedom from violence; and inclusion and voice); pandemic impacts on women; and further areas for discussion towards a gender-just, inclusive and equitable policy agenda.

Key themes emerged in the report, including the necessity for enhanced Income Support and improved access to tax-based benefits; the need for an intersectional gender-equity lens in housing policy; further commitments to affordable, accessible and high-quality child care; improved long-term care standards for residents and workers; and a well-resourced system to address gender-based violence.

You can read the report here.

The next phase of our project will include a thematic analysis of what we heard from the communities of women who generously shared their stories and experiences with us.

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