Launching Our New Website

The Women’s Centre of Calgary is launching a new website in order to engage supporters, build community and provide a better overview of the Centre’s efforts to support women in Calgary.

“We are so excited to have our supporter use our revamped website this fall. We hope the new website will become an important information and community platform for our volunteers, supporters and women who use the Women’s Centre,” says Simona Siad, Communications Coordinator.

The new site, designed by Christina Varro from Varro Creative, has a wide variety of interactive features and web 2.0 social media capabilities that will allow users to get assistance, receive critical and timely information, while continuing to build community and connections with women in Calgary.

The official launch date is September 15, 2011. The new website,, will feature easily accessible information for those interested in getting assistance, connecting with others and working for change.

New tools include a blog for weekly stories and posts, a video player, an email management system, easy to click volunteer and donate buttons, an interactive workshop and events calendar and links to Women’s Centre social media pages on Facebook, Youtube and Flickr.

Let us know what you think!

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