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Do you need photo ID or a Commissioner of Oaths? Now that we are in our new space, we are very excited to announce two new services for women: an ID Clinic at 5:30pm on the third Wednesday of every month and a Commissioner of Oath service (by appointment only). More details below.

Commissioner of Oaths

A Commissioner of Oaths can administer oaths on documents for use in the province of Alberta. We now have two staff trained as Commissioners of Oaths. Appointments needed. Please contact us at 403-264-1155 or for more information.

What is a Commissioner of Oaths?

  • A person authorized to take your oath or solemn affirmation when you sign an affidavit or a statutory declaration.
  • A Commissioner does not certify that the statements being made in the affidavit or statutory declaration are true, but only certifies that an oath or solemn affirmation has been administered properly.
  • Our Commissioner of Oaths can only commission documents which are being filed within the Province of Alberta.

ID Clinics

This Clinic will provide women who have no ID with photo ID. Our ID Clinics take place at 5:30pm on the third Wednesday of every month.

What type of ID is this?

  • A legal document notarized by a lawyer, but not government ID. Although no one is legally obligated to accept it, many places will still accept notarized documents. This is only for women who don’t have any other type of ID.

What can you use this ID for?

  • Applying for a job
  • Filing your taxes
  • Applying to rent an apartment
  • Court services (e.g. searches for orders, records, etc.)
  • Traveling within the country (e.g. by bus or plane)
  • Visiting friends or family in the Calgary Remand Centre
  • Applying for the following benefits: Alberta Works (Social Assistance), AISH & Alberta Health Care
  • Opening a bank account: This is up to the individual branch and manager. Normally you need two pieces of ID (one photo) to open a bank account. You may be able to use this ID as your photo ID.

We hope these new services will be useful to you or women you know. For more information, please contact us at 403-264-1155 or Or feel free to come by the new space to see what else is happening around the Centre!

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