My first month at the Centre

When I first started my practicum at the Women’s Centre of Calgary, I immediately knew that it would be a delightful experience. I walked into the Centre and felt as if I belonged right away. The women here were friendly and greeted everyone with smiles and a “hello.” My first day was fun, full of learning and new faces. The Women’s Centre of Calgary definitely made a great first impression. It truly does feel like a place where any woman, any age, and with any question can come in and just be herself, connect with others or get what she needs to continue on her own journey.

What really stuck out to me when I first started at the Women’s Centre was the peer model that they operate under. From studying social work, it made so much sense to me. To me, the peer model means that we should understand that women are in control of their own lives and start where they are at. Instead of further marginalizing women, the peer model works under the idea that women may need help one day, but they can also give help the next. The peer model encompasses the values of the women at the Women’s Centre – encouraging, empathetic and non-judgemental. It’s really uplifting and eye-opening to work from this model because I get to truly seeing the strength in women and not minimize the capabilities that they possess.

I am very excited to continue learning from all the amazing women at the Women’s Centre of Calgary. Every day is different and filled with smiles, stories and laughter. I am thrilled to get to spend my days with amazing women around me who inspire me and empower me daily with even the simplest things.


Blog post by Julia, a Women’s Centre practicum student.

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