Meet Tiffanie, our new Basic Needs Practicum Student

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a current Social Work student completing my final practicum at the Women’s Centre. I was born and raised in Calgary, however, travelling to new places is something I love to do and can’t wait to travel more after graduation. I like to spend my time doing anything creative especially abstract painting, mixed media collages and photography. I like watching documentaries, reading memoirs and listening to podcasts. One of my favorite ways to spend time is taking my dog Zeus for walks by the river.

What is your personal definition of feminism?

Continuing to work towards removing barriers and obstacles in society that still hinder women’s equality

What brought you to the Women’s Centre of Calgary?

Originally, the completion of my practicum had brought me into contact with the Women’s Centre back in May. Since then I have had the opportunity to be both a peer support volunteer and a current basic needs practicum student.

What’s one thing you hope to learn at the Women’s Centre?

As a practicum student, I hope to learn a lot about all the various programs and services offered at the Women’s Centre. I hope to learn from all the women who are a part of the Centre and I’m looking forward to growing both professionally and personally.

Describe a woman who you admire or who has influenced your life.

All women inspire me through their own lived experiences and I feel honored when they choose to share their journey with me. One woman in particular who inspired and impacted me during my life was my mom with her caring and strong spirit. I am grateful and proud to be her daughter.

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