Meet Prairie Kitten Productions, our new Artists in Residence!

In our Artist in Residence program, we invite women who are active in Calgary’s arts community to share their skills and experience with women at the Women’s Centre. We are excited to welcome our newest Artists in Residence, Prairie Kitten Productions, to the Centre this Spring!

Prairie Kitten Productions, or PKP, aims to bring audiences Albertan films written, directed, and produced by women. Located in Calgary, Alberta, PKP  is made up of five students at the University of Calgary: Vanessa Wenzel, Cayley Wreggitt, Danelle White, Elaine Yang, and Siobhan Cooney. PKP believes in producing work that reflects the modern Albertan community. As young women emerging into the arts world, they discovered a lack of opportunity to exhibit the strength and quality of work written from the female perspective. PKP was founded to inspire the greater local community, to celebrate art by women. They pride themselves in acknowledging and embracing the growing diversity in our community.

Our Artist in Residence committee member Deborah Willis sat down with the PKP team this month to learn a bit more about their work, and what inspires them! The interview inspired Deborah to record what she learned in the form of a script, like the film scripts PKP produces! Read the full script here.

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