Building Community Through Art – Meet our Artists in Residence

Warmer weather means new growth and new life, and we’re excited to introduce you to the amazing Artists in Residence who will be bringing new life and creativity to the Centre this season.

We work with a different artist our group of artists every season of the year, and this season our Artists in Residence are a diverse group of visual artists who are working together to bring art to women of every background.


Michelle Dyer has completed a dual master’s degree in counselling psychology and art therapy and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor (C.C.C.) and Professional Art Therapist. Michelle is currently building a private counselling/art therapy practice, facilitating art workshops to support people with mental and physical health barriers, and is one of four directors/producers of an incorporated film production company (Backpocket Dreams Inc). Social advocacy and helping others through the arts is a key focus of Michelle’s arts practice.



Samantha Fodor chases meaningful connection with change-makers who challenge the status quo, looks for connection to nature/the universe, and seeks to bring a sense of extreme intentionality to projects. She is passionate about collaborative design and social advocacy. She is an intersectional feminist and LGBTQ+ ally and believes in trusting the creative process and leaving room for continual growth.




Jennifer Jacoby is a practicing artist and designer who received her BFA from the  Alberta College of Art and Design, and her Master’s of Environmental Design, with a specialization in Industrial design from The University of Calgary. A skilled and creative glass-blower, Jacoby is always interested in the way in which objects impact both the user and the environment.




Christina Stein is a mixed media illustrator specializing in murals, watercolour, and oil portraits. She enjoys working with surreal imagery which allows her to mash-up complex concepts with whimsical illustration. Her art is meant to inspire surprise and delight; she hopes to allow room for her audience to be curious and ask questions. She currently works from Calgary, Alberta in her studio, Copper Spruce Studio.



Paula Timm is a visual storyteller, and her art conveys story through bold use of contrasts, dynamic colour stories and thoughtful characters within her scenes. Paula partners with not-for-profit organizations to foster community engagement that promotes and encourages the healing relationship between wellness and creativity. Her hope is to inspire others to consider their own personal journey and its important connection to self-expression.


Make sure to come to our upcoming workshop: Building Community Through Art, where you will get a chance to meet our Artists in Residence. They will discuss their unique experience working together as women on a community art project through their residency at the Women’s Centre.

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