Meet Julie, Our New Practicum Student

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I am completing my second year of the Social Work Program at Mount Royal University. The plan is to continue on and receive a Bachelor of Social Work and hopefully a Masters of Social Work. I started my university journey as a late bloomer but I feel I have so much life experience that adds to my academic learning. I have three Chihuahua kids that make me laugh daily and two grown human children who lift my spirits. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to such wonderful places such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Eastern Europe, and Turkey among a few other wonderful places! I love to experience other cultures and lifestyles – I always learn something new about myself and the world.

What is your personal definition of feminism? 

To me, feminism is about being true to oneself as a woman and listening to our powerful inner voice. I also strongly believe in advocating for and supporting other woman no matter what path they have arrived from or where they are going on their journey.  Feminism is power, empathy (for all humans) and advocacy.

What brought you to the Women’s Centre of Calgary? 

I started at the Women’s Centre in May 2015 as a volunteer just prior to beginning school. I was looking to gain a better understanding of social work and how an agency operates. What I realized immediately was that a feminist organization was where I wanted to be! After completing my first practicum at another feminist agency in the Calgary area, I returned to the Women’s Centre for my second year practicum. I have been forever changed by the awesome work environment and the many, diverse woman whom I have crossed paths with.

What’s one thing you hope to learn at the Women’s Centre? 

I hope to further my understanding of feminist issues and learn new ways of interacting with the women who use the Centre. I have already learned something new and exciting – environmental feminism!  Observing and learning the work done at the Women’s Centre has restored my faith that change can happen!

Describe a woman who you admire or who has influenced your life. 

My grandmother has been a continuous influence in my life. She was not a feminist in the traditional sense but she raised her children on a farm where gender did not determine what activities or chores they did. These values were transferred to my mother and her siblings and then instilled in me. My grandmother was loving, accepting, non-judgmental, funny and a wonderful cook and gardener. To this day, I prepare her favourite recipes and grow her favourite plants – sweet peas and roses.

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