Meet Jenn, Our New Practicum Student

Hi, I am Jenn.

I have admired the Women’s Centre’s work from afar before ever becoming a part of the centre.  I admire the Women’s Centre’s values on reciprocity, peer support and de-colonization.  I feel honoured to have the opportunity to be invited into women’s lives.  I have been involved in activism since discovering feminist, punk-rock as a teenager.  I believe, much like the Women’s Centre, community is everything.  These beliefs and values are what brought me to the Women’s Centre.

My personal definition of feminism is a woman feeling free to live authentically according to nobody’s standards but their own.  At the Women’s Centre, I hope to learn how to honour the experiences of each individual woman I encounter.

A woman who guides my feminist work is Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw who theorized that existing intersections of a woman’s identity may lead to different and diverse oppressions.   

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