Meet Jacie, our Reconciliation Coordinator

What is your personal definition of feminism?
My personal definition of feminism…when I think of that word I am reminded of the sacred connection women have to Mother Earth. So I suppose it’s the recognition & empowerment of women in the affirmation of their relationship or connection to that.  
What brought you to the Women’s Centre of Calgary?
Initially, I came in need of resources & support as a single mom, full-time student & newcomer to Calgary. I learned about the wonderful programs and supports available. I signed up my older daughter in the Girl Power program & a few years following, I was given an opportunity to apply to join the Environmental Issues Discussion Committee.
What’s one thing you hope to learn at the Women’s Centre?
One thing I hope to learn at the Women’s Centre is how I can be an element of support & advocacy to assist in connecting & engaging women and communities, as well as promoting their specific needs to build and reach goals. Through the new role as Reconciliation Coordinator, I begin a new journey myself. I hope to support the WC articulate the new relationship they are prepared to begin with Indigenous people.  One important aspect is the consultation process with Elders and traditional knowledge keepers and supporting that involvement throughout. That process will guide the journey toward building a reconciliation framework that is responsive to the voices of all women that access the Centre and the Calls to Action (TRC recommendations). 
Describe a woman who you admire or who has influenced your life.
My mother first comes to mind because she demonstrates a gentle, silent strength in her most challenging times. Even in those challenges, she is capable of drawing from this special kindness which is displayed in her subtle ways of support, with her children, in her work or community. This shines light on how beautiful she is to me.

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