Make One Change: A Women’s Gathering

Grassroots women’s groups are invited to take the stage on June 15, 2013 to share their perspectives on issues impacting women, along with recommendations for making change.

After the gathering, the Women’s Centre will continue to work with interested women’s groups to build an inclusive Women’s Policy Agenda that can be moved forward to impact public policies and systems.

“In the long term, we hope to identify and work to change policies and systems that negatively impact women’s lives, and advocate for more inclusive, equitable futures,” says Social Issues Coordinator Leah Kelley.

In 2007, the Women’s Centre hosted Connections: A Conference for Women providing a forum for more than 200 women to connect and discuss issues impacting their lives. The focus was to provide a voice to women with a wide range of lived experiences: community leaders, women living on the street, businesswomen, women working within their cultural communities, and women dealing with violence.

Do you know of any women’s groups in the Calgary region that may be interested in participating in 2013? We still have a few presenter spots open! Please email or for more information.


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