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The Women’s Centre has been supporting women in the community for over 20 years. Issues including family breakdown, poverty, unemployment, domestic violence and discrimination can bring women through the doors of the Women’s Centre, where they can be supported through our variety of services. At times, these challenges women are facing may bring about legal concerns. Access to legal advice services can be an intimidating and expensive process which can prevent women from knowing their rights and options. The Women’s Centre aims at removing those barriers by offering 30 minutes of free legal advice in the areas of family and non-family.

These clinics serve as an important service to women in the community. Women are able to receive advice and information on many issues including their rights in separation and divorce, child custody & support, and civil issues including landlord and tenant, or discrimination cases that specifically target women. All of our volunteer lawyers identify as women, which allows women to feel safe and supported. Lawyers are able to give women information and advice they need to feel more in control and empowered in their situation. In 2018 the Women’s Centre legal clinics were able to provide legal advice to over 300 women in the community.

One woman who attended our legal advice clinics had the following to say:

“The volunteer lawyer really encouraged me and gave me a positive talk, on top of her legal advice. I am walking out with more confidence.”

Our legal clinics wouldn’t be possible without our volunteer lawyers, who dedicate their time to supporting women with their legal concerns. Not to mention our amazing partners, including the Alberta Law Foundation which has supported our program for over 10 years! We are also very grateful to our community organizations including Calgary Legal Guidance, Elizabeth Fry Society, the Law Society of Alberta and Pro-Bono Alberta which continue to ensure that women have access to much needed legal advice and resources.

Women who are interested in booking a 30 minute free legal advice appointment can call us directly at 403-264-1155 or send an e-mail to

4 thoughts on “Legal Clinics”

  1. I am looking for help my mom died this year my sister who was the person to take over was given the last of my mother’s money I csnt access it and I lent my sister 1200 before this happened right now my sister wont talk to me or my family
    I am fighting for equal dispersion of the money between myself and my other sisters

  2. Hi. My name is Hoa. I have already contacted with your staff regarding my divorce matter. And I have registered my information. I had a talk with your staff and she asked me to wait for a volunteer lawyer and the volunteer lawyer will call me back about 3 or 4 days later. However, I did not receive any call from volunteer lawyer. Could you please arrange me for an appointment with a volunteer lawyer?

    1. Hello Hoa, we cannot book appointments through the website. I will follow up with the coordinator to remind her you are waiting.

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