Keeping Transit Affordable for All

People living in extreme poverty have shown the City of Calgary that there is a huge need for affordable transportation in our city. After the launch of the sliding scale for the Low-Income Transit Pass in April, thousands of Calgarians applied for newly affordable passes.

Despite $4.5 million a year for the next 3 years provided in provincial funding, the overwhelming response means a funding shortfall is projected. Budget adjustment meetings at City Hall are scheduled for November 27th. The Women’s Centre is asking women in our community to show their support.

Low-income transit riders said they can now afford more than one pass per family and getting to work is much more affordable. Calgarians can stay in touch with friends and family, combating the isolation that often comes with living in poverty. The Low-Income Transit Pass means all Calgarians have the chance to take part in civic and community life. Affordable transit creates a more equitable and inclusive city.

We are asking Calgarians to:

  • Attend the City Council meeting on November 27th at 9:30am in Council Chambers to speak to City Council about the need for the Sliding Scale
  • Call, email or write your city councillor before November 24th to let them know how the sliding scale has impacted your life, or the lives of people you know, and what life would be like without it. Personal stories are especially important to your Councillor.
    • By mail: If you would like you can also send in the attached colouring sheet along with your letter to:
      The City of Calgary Councillors Offices (8001), P.O. Box 2100, Station “M”
      Calgary Alberta T2P 2M5. 
    • Online: Fill out a form at on the City of Calgary website.
    • Call 311 to let City Council know that you support a sliding scale
  • Take a picture of yourself in front of a transit stop and send a twitter message to City Council @cityofcalgary with the hashtag #slidingscale to let them know how affordable transit has impacted your life.
  • Come to the Women’s Centre Letter Writing Party on Wednesday November 15th at 6:30pm. RSVP here.


Click here for the Call to Action from Fair Calgary Community Voices.

Click here to download a fun transit colouring page.


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