Join our Environmental Issues Committee

We’re recruiting members to join our Environmental Issues Committee!

Our Women and Environment program is aimed at equipping women in Calgary with the capacity, agency and resources they need to take part in sustainable development, learn about environmental issues, and work for environmental change. To make this vision a reality, we run monthly Women and Environment workshops, which are a place for women to learn about, and take action on, environmental issues that are important to them.

This work is led and supported by a committee of 8 – 10 women who are passionate about environmental issues, who meet monthly to identify topic and plan Women and Environment workshops. We’re recruiting volunteer committee members to take part. Read on below for more information!

Volunteer committee members wanted – Environmental Issues Committee

Description: We are looking for women to volunteer their voice, experience and expertise toward the development of our new environmental program at the Women’s Centre. This is a new committee developed to increase women’s voices and collective impact in environmental work.

Job Duties: Environmental Issues Committee volunteers will:

  • Guide the development and facilitation of a monthly environmental issues discussion series at the Women’s Centre
  • Work to apply a gender lens to environmental and sustainability issues in Calgary and Southern Alberta
  • Research and provide information on the intersections between women’s issues and environmental issues in Calgary
  • Share the stewardship committee’s collective knowledge through participation in community events that work to address environmental issues impacting the lives of women

Needed skills:
Interest or experience in any of the following: women’s issues, environmental issues, public policy, sustainable development, Indigenous issues, Reconciliation, community organizing.

Time commitment:

6 – 8 hours per month, with opportunity for additional projects if desired.

Where: The Women’s Centre of Calgary, 39 4 Street NE

How to apply:
For more information or to apply for this position, please contact Krystal Northey, or call 403-264-1155. If you are applying by email, please write a short (250 word) description of your background, interests, and what inspired you to apply. We are looking for committee members of all backgrounds and experience levels! Please include a copy of your resume if you have one, but note that this is not a requirement.

This position closes on Tuesday June 18, 8:00 pm. 

2 thoughts on “Join our Environmental Issues Committee”

  1. Hi there, I’ve been volunteering at the Women’s Centre as peer support since September 2017. I have been actively living low waste and low consumption for maybe 6 years. I have worked with the David Suzuki foundation doing Queen of Green Coaching with several families in Calgary. I care deeply about the environment and moving our culture into a more conscious approach to sustainable living (as opposed to the earth as a bottomless pit of resources at our disposal). I believe a “one-step at a time”/”what is most doable” approach is the way to get things started on an individual level. I am also very aware that green living, plastic free, low waste, etc, are choices that come with privilege. I’m not sure how to attach my resume here, but I can email it if you would like. I am very interested in volunteering on this committee, but I cannot commit many hours through the summer.

    1. Thank you for your interest and response Trina. Our committee is now full, but we invite you to attend an upcoming Environmental Issues discussion or to stay posted to our channels for updates on committee recruitment in the future.

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