It’s time to get out the old soapbox!

Can you make a policy recommendation about an issue impacting your life? Or have you done research on a local women’s issue? We have an opportunity for you to speak out at Make One Change: A Women’s Gathering on June 15 during one of our Soapbox Sessions.

A soapbox is a platform on which one stands to make a speech, often about a political subject. Each session will consist of up to five short presentations from women in the community. Each presenter will have a total of eight minutes to speak about a local women’s issue and make at least one recommendation for change. There will also be two minutes for questions after each presentation.

If you are interested in speaking during one of our Soapbox Sessions, please contact Leah Kelley, our social issues coordinator, at 403-264-1155 or

Image credit: MonsieurLui (Flickr CC).

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