Issues that Matter to Women: 2012 at a Glance

From feminist walks to policy talks, social issues workshops at the Women’s Centre enable women to connect with other women, discuss topics that matter to them, and share concrete strategies for taking action.

With the support of volunteers, agencies, and staff, we were able to offer several issue-based workshops and groups this year. Some of these included:

  • Social Action Workshop
  • Racism, Classism, and Poverty: How Racism and Classism Keep Women Poor
  • Immigration Law
  • Canadian Family Law: Getting Divorced
  • Domestic Violence Legal Tools
  • Applying for Social Benefits
  • Feminist Walking Tours (Spring and Summer)
  • Provincial Social Policy Framework forums (Phase I and Phase II)
  • Social Issues Committee (monthly)
  • How To Be a Better LGBTQ Ally
  • Sex Work and Sex Workers – Rights, Safety, Harm Reduction
  • A variety of personal development workshops (e.g. Aging  & Body Image, Life Balance, Self-Esteem)
  • A variety of parenting workshops (e.g. How to Have “The Talk”)
  • A variety of movie nights (e.g. Beyond Gay, Water, Behind Closed Doors)
  • Intercultural Cooking & Women’s Issues: Colombia, Spain, Turkey, El Salvador, Korea, China, Brazil, Somalia, Cameroon, and Mexico

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If you have any recommendations for topics, or are interested in facilitating an issues-based workshop, please contact Education Coordinator Tahira Ebrahim at

Social Policy Framework Discussion
Intercultural Cooking & Women’s Issues (Vietnam)
Feminist Walking Tour


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