Introducing Women Lead YYC –  A Space Where Women Work For Change

If more women participated in decision-making, what kind of difference would they make?

That is the question the UN asked in 2005, at the beginning of the getting to 30% campaign, a project aimed at increasing the number of women in leadership positions around the world. The target of 30% of women in decision making is a widely accepted benchmark to ensure that women’s interests are taken into consideration, with many jurisdictions aiming for gender parity (40-60% of women’s representation).

At the Women’s Centre, we know women are leaders. Whether it’s in their workplaces, in their families, or in their communities, women are working for change in Calgary in incredible ways. Yet, this leadership is not always recognized, and barriers still exist to women’s full participation in society. Barriers to gender equity still exist around the world, and Calgary is no exception.

This is why we are launching Women Lead YYC, an intensive, five-week long leadership program developed by Community Development Learning Initiative in collaboration with the Women’s Centre. Women Lead YYC is designed to equip women with the skills and connections needed to work for change in their communities.

Participants of Women Lead YYC will:

  • Build their own capacity as leaders, learning about practical skills like community organizing, connecting with others, and strategies for addressing complex issues.
  • Learn from local female change-makers in Calgary about the work they do, and the strategies they use to do it
  • Connect with female leaders to build a network of women taking action in Calgary

Who should apply?

We recognize that leadership takes on many different forms. Whether you have years of experience working to influence change, or are interested in connecting with a group of inspiring women, Women Lead YYC is for you. We’re looking for women who want to build community, connect with others, and hone their skills. 

Program details

Women Lead YYC will meet five times on Monday evenings, between January 15 and February 26, 2018. Sessions will run from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm, and will cover topics like community organizing, strategic communications, movement building, connecting with allies, and addressing systemic barriers and root causes of community problems. Sessions will be led by a diverse cross section of female change-makers in the community, providing participants with a chance to connect with leaders in various sectors.

We’re assembling a group of 10 – 13 motivated women who are interested in building a network and working for change at a local level. Sessions will take place at the Women’s Centre of Calgary; child-minding and transit tickets are available for participants by request.  This program is open to anyone who identifies as a woman.

To apply

Please write a short (200 – 400 word) email or cover letter detailing your background and interest in participating in this program, along with a current copy of your resume. Submit this package with the email header: “Women Lead YYC Application,” to Application deadline: 5:00 pm, Monday December 11, 2017.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Women Lead YYC –  A Space Where Women Work For Change”

  1. Hello, I am not looking at being a participant, rather helping to coach/facilitate/support. I am a small biz owner and have completed a few leadership courses. I am also an alumni WC board member. If you folks are looking for additional support, I would love to help you.
    Thank you for your time, ~Ann

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