Day of the Girl

Earlier this year the United Nations officially declared October 11, 2012 as the very first International Day of the Girl. To show our support, we ran a poll at the Women’s Centre asking: “What is one way we can make the world a better place for girls?”

Some common themes in the responses: respect, love, education, and less emphasis on physical appearance. Click here to view photos of the entire collection of responses.

In what other ways do you think we can make the world a better place for girls?

Support for Girls at the Women’s Centre

Every summer we hosts Girl Power Summer Camps for girls ages 10-15 that promote basic values of equality, self-determination and empowerment. During one activity last summer, we asked girls what they love about being girls. Click here to see what they had to say.

Why do we need a Day for Girls?

Globally, girls face higher rates of violence, poverty, and discrimination. Compared to their brothers, they may have limited or no access to education, health care, nutritious food, and protection under the legal system.

The Day of the Girl summed it up nicely: “Why a day just for girls? Because girls can save the world. And we deserve a bigger part of it.” Click here to read Why a Day for Girls? A Dozen Reasons.

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