Girls Program Information 2022-2023

Welcome to the Women’s Centre’s Girls Programs! The programs are free of charge and are girls, Two Spirit, trans, and non-binary children and youth.

The goal of the Women’s Centre’s Girls Programs (the “Programs”) is to provide opportunities for girls and gender diverse youth (the “Participants”) to connect with each other to build community, learn about social action, practice leadership and uncover their strengths and skills. We facilitate various activities that include music, crafts, discussions, and most importantly, youth-led sessions where participants practice their leadership skills. Participants consistently tell us that our programs are fun and help them feel more confident and connected. Discussions and activities are led, through a gender specific lens, on topics youth are interested in.

As such, while human sexuality is not an identified topic in the program, if Participants raise questions, they will be addressed in an age-appropriate way.

Virtual Programs

We will email you a Zoom link closer to the start date. If you have problems with the link, you might need to download the free Zoom application on your device.

In-Person Programs

The in-person session will take place at the Women’s Centre (#39- 4th Street NE).  On occasion, we may go offsite to nearby locations such as the local park, but we will strive to provide advanced notice.  We provide meals, snacks and supplies. We will also provide bus tickets as needed.

Medical Condition

Participants with medical/health issues, allergies and/or injuries should get their doctor’s permission to participate in the Programs. Participants must inform the Program Coordinator of any medical/health issues in the registration form. Participants who require medications during Program time must bring their own and be able to self-administer them. The Women’s Centre staff and volunteers shall not be responsible for administering or regulating any medications.

The Women’s Centre will attempt to reduce exposure to identified allergens, but are ultimately not responsible for any allergens that the Participant might encounter during the Programs. The responsibility for effective allergy control is the Participant’s, not the Women’s Centre’s. The Participant must have any necessary allergy control tools (such as an Epipen) with them each time they attend.


The Women’s Centre will be following the Government of Alberta COVID-19 Risk Mitigation guideline (the “Guideline”) and do our best to maintain a safe space. However, there are risks associated with attending an in-person program. The Women’s Centre shall not be responsible for a Participant’s potential exposure to the Covid-19. Please note: The Women’s Centre reserves the right to update any COVID-19 mitigation measures as the Guidelines change and to align with best practices.

A participant cannot attend a Program if she has any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and/or a general feeling of being unwell. Please call the Women’s Centre to let us know that the participant will not be attending and you can call AHS (811) for an assessment.

Should you have any questions, please contact Era Rana at 403-264-1155 or

Prior to participating in Programs, the Participants and their Guardian must sign the following forms registration form, release of liability and assumption of risk, an exception to confidentiality understanding and public relations permission form.

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