Girl Force Year in Review – A Healthier World for Girls

During a mid-term evaluation of the first year of our Girl Force School Year program, one girl told us the following: “I like discussing issues that most people are scared to talk about.”

The topics covered during our very first year of Girl Force, for girls in Grades 7 – 9, were many. Girls covered topics like consent, healthy relationships, sexual health, “girl fighting,” gender stereotypes, violence, racism, and mental health. Through activities and passionate discussions, girls explored what these issues look like for them and their peers, and talked about how to make their worlds healthier places for young folks.

Throughout the year, participants shared their frustrations around struggling to find good information, adults willing to talk openly with them, and other girls who consistently have their backs. In Girl Force, our aim is to create a setting where girls can experience all of these things.

It wasn’t all serious though – we made time for a talent show, dance parties, singing circles and lots of very important check-in questions (eg. What is your favourite dessert? What is your favourite Disney movie? Who is your favourite band?). We also had some really fun girl-led sessions, including cookie-decorating, improv games and rock painting. 

As we move into our second summer of Girl Force summer camps, we are looking forward to continuing to build spaces with junior high girls where, as one girl put it, they can “feel valid and confident during and after sessions.”

If you have questions around any of our Girls Program sessions please contact Alexe: 403-264-1155

Girl Force School Year program will return in the fall. Stay posted to the Women’s Centre’s website and newsletters for updates on sign ups.

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