Challenges women in our community are facing can often lead to, or even stem from, legal issues.

Finding affordable advice on how to navigate legal challenges can be difficult at best.

This is why the Women’s Centre hosts legal advice clinics for women. In all of these programs, we work to ensure we are creating a safe, empathetic and non-judgmental space where women are able to gain information and support.

Legal Advice Clinics

All of the lawyers who provide advice at our legal clinics are women. These lawyers volunteer their time to the Women’s Centre, to ensure more women are able to access legal advice no matter their economic situation. These lawyers work to equip women with the information and options they ask for, so women can feel empowered and in control of their situations.

Clinics are:
  • free
  • provided by volunteer lawyers
  • one-to-one basis
  • half-hour advice sessions
The clinics address and provide advice on:
  • family issues
  • civil cases
  • immigration
  • other types of law
These sessions aim to provide a starting point when accessing the legal system. Our lawyers do not provide clinics on criminal law and do not provide legal representation.

All women are welcome; appointments required. To make an appointment, please call the Women’s Centre or email us at


Women’s Centre volunteers can prepare taxes for low-income women. While doing the taxes, volunteers provide information on how to access associated benefits such as:

  • GST rebate
  • Canada child tax benefits
  • provincial child health benefits
  • assistance with other forms
In 2020, 412 women completed tax returns.

I.D. Clinics

Women who need photo identification can come to one of our I.D. clinics (hosted in partnership with Calgary Legal Guidance) to have their photo taken and have an I.D. card notarized by a volunteer lawyer. 

Notarized identification is widely accepted for a variety of purposes (e.g. job and rental applications, personal income tax, court services, traveling within the country, etc.). Note: notarized identification is not the same as government-issued identification and no one is legally obligated to accept it.

Commissioner of Oaths

The Women’s Centre has women on staff certified to endorse affirmations and declarations, take and receive affidavits, or administer oaths. This service is done by appointment. 

Please contact us at 403-264-1155 to arrange a time when the Commissioners are available.

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