Women are able to receive referrals to other programs and agencies for a wide range of free and low-cost support through the Women’s Centre.

Referrals include, but are not limited to:

  • information (resources and services, women’s issues, upcoming events, etc.)
  • food
  • clothing
  • winter coats
  • furniture
  • housing
  • haircuts
  • recreation
  • education
  • employment assistance

Detailed information on some of the referrals listed can be found below. More information about some of the agencies we refer women to can be found here

“The Women’s Centre has provided me with many resources that are essential to making me feel like I am a part of a community.”

Calgary Food Bank

The Women’s Centre provides women referrals to the Calgary Food Bank. Women can call the Women’s Centre 403-264-1155 during hours of operation to speak to a volunteer who will fill out and submit the referral. Women are eligible for a food bank referral every 30 days up to seven referrals a year.

Good Food Box

Women can order, pay for and pick-up Good Food Boxes at the Women’s Centre. The boxes consist of low-cost seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. For more details on this program you can visit the Community Kitchen Program website.

Hair Cuts

MC College (an aesthetics school in Calgary) offers a free haircut or manicure to be performed by students. The haircut or manicure might be supervised/ evaluated by an instructor. Women can access a voucher from MC College once every three months. They can have their voucher mailed to them, or can pick up during an appointment at the Centre. To access this program, women call the Women’s Centre 403-264-1155.

Haircuts are offered on first come first serve basis, women are able to add their names to the spreadsheet and pick up coupons/vouchers within that month. Women are eligible for a haircut through this referral every three months. Please note: MC College haircuts/manicures are on hold until further notice, due to AHS regulations for COVID

Project Warmth

The Women’s Centre partners with Project Warmth to provide women and their families with warm clothing for the winter season. Availability of jackets and warm clothing depends on Project Warmth’s stock, so women are encouraged to call us first.

Due to limited storeroom space at the Women’s Centre all other clothing requests will be referred to another agency. For a full list of clothing resources please visit our resources page.

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