Practice English (Online)


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER This is a conversation group on Wednesdays for women to practice English for daily life. This program is a free online drop-in program for any English level and no testing involved. Please register at the above link to access the weekly classes. Workshops are open to those who identify as women.

Yoga (Online)


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER We invite you to join this weekly yoga class hosted by the Women’s Centre online via Zoom. Perfect for all abilities. Participate in self-care. Focus on slowly moving into basic yoga postures while using your breath, which enables you to be present and mindful. You will leave the class with increased …

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Indigenous Culture and Dance

Women's Centre of Calgary 39 4th St NE, Calgary

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE.  Celebrate and learn about Indigenous culture and dance with Jackie Wabasca. Tuesday, February 17, 2021 online from 6:00-7:00pm Join us to learn from Jackie Wabasca, about the Indigenous culture and meanings behind the traditional dance and regalia. The celebration will include a performance by Jackie and Q&A session. This …

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