Ecological Grief

Grieving the loss or change of a cherished natural space has not always been recognized as a true form of grieving. With wildfires and summers filled with smoke, devastating flooding, and subtle changes in the seasons, ecological grief is now starting to become recognized as a legitimate form of mourning and anxiety. But like all forms of grief, ecological grief is personal, unique, and doesn’t often follow a logical pattern. Join us for a discussion around the ways we may grieve a landscape similarly (and differently) to other forms of loss.

Amy and Jodi from Refugia Retreats will lead the group in an exploration of the various facets of ecological grief. The session will include a “101” introduction to this topic, as well as a deeper discussion on the ways in which environmental and ecological grief can become messages of hope and experiences of empowerment.

This workshop is a part of the Women’s Centre’s Women and Environment series, held on the third Wednesday of most months. This is event is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. Tickets are free, but space is limited and participants are requested to RSVP ahead of time to secure space. On-site child-minding is available during this event, child-minding services are open to children 19 months to twelve years of age. To register children for child-minding, please email or call 403-264-1155.

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Ecological Grief