There are so many ways you can contribute to the Women’s Centre of Calgary


Your generous donation to the Women’s Centre will help change a woman’s life. Your donation funds our community-capacity building programs, emergency basic need assistance and mobilizes women to learn about pressing social issues in our communities. Your donation is also tax-deductible; the Women’s Centre will issue charitable tax receipts for donations over $20. And, if your company or business matches donations, you can double your impact!

Become a Monthly Donor

Monthly donations help us work and plan more effectively, because we know that we have those funds to draw upon. When you become a monthly donor your gift will provide a reliable stream of support that is so vital to continuing the Women’s Centre’s important work.

Becoming a monthly donor is quick and easy – you determine the amount of your monthly donation, and you can alter or stop it at any time.

Simply sign up on our Canada Helps page by clicking here. You can also become a monthly donor by providing us:

A voided cheque, which will allow us to debit directly from your bank account.

– OR –

Your credit card number with expiry date, so we can apply your contribution to your credit card every month. 

Charitable receipts will be mailed out in December of each year.
For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at 403-264-1155 or by email at

Basic Needs Items

The Women’s Centre welcomes donations of Basic Needs Items (Gifts in Kind) if they correspond to our current needs and if the Centre can benefit from the donations. In-kind giving is a donation of any non-cash product or good. While we cannot receive donations of clothing, furniture or household goods, as we have very limited space, we are currently in need of:

  • Diapers (size four and up)
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Lotion (hand and body)
  • Body wash
  • Deodorant
  • Sanitary pads/napkins
  • New, unwrapped toys
  • Gift Cards for grocery stores
  • Plastic & reusable bags (new and used)
  • Toothbrushes
  • Face care products
  • Toilet paper

Please note that a tax receipt from the Women’s Centre will be issued, if requested, once the donated item is received by the recipient organization. To receive a tax receipt, the original receipt for the product must be submitted. If the value of an individual item is more than $500, there must be an independent appraisal. If you are interested in making a gift-in-kind donation, contact us at 403-264-1155 or by e-mail at

Other Ways To Donate

Host an Event! (Third Party Fundraising)

The Women’s Centre of Calgary receives inquiries each year from individuals and organizations that want to stage their own fundraising events in support of our charitable purposes. These “Third-Party Events” are run by individuals or groups that are not affiliated with the Women’s Centre.

A “Third Party Fundraiser” is defined as any organization or individual that uses the Women’s Centre name and logo in promotional material for an event and donates a portion or all of the proceeds from the event to the Women’s Centre.

The Women’s Centre reserves the right to establish partnerships with third party fundraisers that align with our mission. All Third Party Fundraising Requests and Activities must receive approval from the Women’s Centre. In order to support and monitor Third Party Fundraising Events, the Women Centre requires all Third Party Fundraisers to submit a budget and signed Fundraising Guidelines Form for review.

Third Party Fundraisers are expected to sign the Fundraising Agreement Form in acknowledgment of their acceptance.

Click here for the Third Party Fundraising Package

PC Optimum Points or Luke's Drugmart Points

The Women’s Centre does accept donations of Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points or points from Luke’s Drug Mart for the Basic Needs Program. To donate Optimum Points: Log-in to the Shoppers site here, then select “donate/transfer points” on the menu at the top of the page. To donate points from Luke’s Drugmart: Inform the staff at Luke’s that you would like to donate your points from your purchase to the Women’s Centre and they will do so for you. 

Alternative Ways to Give & Major Gifts

The Women’s Centre encourages donors to support women in our communities in a variety of ways based on their means, resources and capacities. For a full list of all the ways you can donate, including planned legacies, major gifts, Facebook fundraisers and more you can download  a PDF list of ideas. 

Other Ways to Donate

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