A Day in the Life of a Workshops Volunteer

At the Women’s Centre we have over 650 volunteers supporting our programs and services. We wouldn’t be able to provide support to women in our community without each and every one! There are many volunteer opportunities at the Centre and we would like to showcase what each of these roles look like.

This month, we are featuring Kim, one of our long time Workshops volunteers! Kim facilitates different kinds of workshops a few times a month. The Women’s Centre offers over 200 free workshops per year and they are all run by volunteers. The workshops program is all about building community by connecting with other women and learning new things together. Any woman can volunteer and share her knowledge of something she’s passionate about with other women.

  1. Hi Kim! How did you become a workshops volunteer?

I first started with the Women’s Centre in the toy room at Christmas just over three years ago. I had so much fun, shopping with the women and wrapping toys, I asked if there was anything else that I could do to help in the New Year.  That began my new role as a Peer Volunteer.   I had a 3 hour shift once a week and helped out at other times whenever I could. I truly enjoyed connecting with women; it was something I looked forward to all week.  I continued in the Peer Volunteer role until June of 2015 when I went back to work full time.  I still wanted to be involved and so began the facilitating of workshops in the evenings.

  1. What kinds of workshops do you facilitate and what was the most memorable one?

Some of the workshops I’ve facilitated have been fleece scarf making, manicures & nail designs, Games night, and most recently adult coloring.   These workshops have been well received by the women and of course, I LOVE putting them on. I think my most memorable workshop would be nail art as it made the women feel beautiful.  I feel it’s important for the women to feel special, beautiful and worthwhile.  And sometimes, just talking with another woman is all it takes.

  1. Colouring and Socializing seems to have become quite popular, can you tell us more about it?

I believe the workshops where the women can interact with each other and share stories are very popular.   Most recently the adult coloring workshops have been very well received.  Every woman is interesting and everyone has a different story.  Women love to socialize and at the Women’s Centre, they have the opportunity to do so without any judgments.

  1. What do you like about being a workshops volunteer?

I truly love coming and connecting with the women. Sometimes, we make popcorn, share some goodies or have a pizza party and just chit-chat.  It warms my heart when a woman feels comfortable enough to let me in and talk about themselves.  There are so many very interesting women in Calgary, all with very interesting stories!  I strongly encourage anyone to get involved! You will be happy you did.

Keep an eye out, as there is always something new and exciting happening in the workshops program:

  • A new Workshops Facilitator training where anyone can learn how to plan and facilitate their own workshops.
  • In the new Child Minding program, volunteers will care after women’s children so that they are able to access workshops and other programs at the Centre.
  • Check out our Calendar of Workshops and Events online and RSVP today! https://www.womenscentrecalgary.org/calendar/
  • Interested in getting involved? Contact Amanda Amanda@womenscentrecalgary.org

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