Connect with Others

The Women’s Centre is a safe place to drop-in, connect and build community with other women. We believe women need strong social and community connections to thrive.

Social inclusion and the participation of women in society are often considered indicators of healthy families and healthy communities. However, an increasing number of women are at risk of being socially isolated. Isolation is a major problem for many women in poverty, new to the city or country, or with health issues. It affects coping skills and makes all other problems harder to deal with.

The Women’s Centre works within a Community Capacity-Building Peer Model for all of our programs and activities. For example, we offer trust-based peer support, Girl Power Summer Camps, and free workshops and groups on a wide range of topics.

We provide a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Peer Model
The Women’s Centre works within the framework of a Community Capacity-Building Peer Model, which revolves around women helping women. We recognize that any woman may need help, or be able to provide it, at different times or in different ways during her life. We work to provide safe opportunities for women to volunteer as they are able to and to encourage marginalized women to participate. We encourage a sense of ownership of the Centre.

The Women’s Centre is a welcoming, safe, women’s-only space for women to walk-in, have a coffee or tea and connect with other women. Women are not required to provide identification to access our programs. We are open to every woman, no matter her situation: any woman, any age, any question. We are open five days and four evenings a week.

International Women’s Day, 2011

Our Programs Include:

Lifelong Learning Workshops
Many women who come to the Centre are unable to take part in community opportunities due to poverty, language, literacy and health issues. The Centre offers free, accessible workshops on a wide range of topics including basic car care, home repair and maintenance, employment, government benefits and subsidies, computer skills, self-esteem, crafts, dance, stress management, diversity and empowerment issues.

Girl Programs
In response to the vulnerability of adolescent girls, the Women’s Centre designed and implemented a gender-specific program to address the needs of girls. Through a variety of experiential learning techniques and fun activities, the girls have the opportunity to explore the impact of gender roles, sexism, racism, violence, stereotypes and other issues in a safe environment.

  • Girl Power After School (for grade 5 & 6 girls) runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm during the school year
  • Girl Force (for grade 7-9 girls) runs Tuesdays from 6-8pm during the school year
  • Girl Up program (for grade 10-12 girls) runs Mondays from 6-8 pm during the school year

More details on the Girl Programs can be found here.

Community Group
Community Group at the Women’s Centre provides women with developmental disabilities opportunities to find meaningful social connections, look forward to scheduled meetings with others, and try different activities. All of the activities are shared as much as possible among the participants with the support and/or supervision of support workers if necessary.

Community Events
The Women’s Centre is involved in a variety of community events that provide women with opportunities to connect with each other and build community such as International Women’s Day celebrations in March. Every July, we host our own Stampede Lunch. With the help of community partners, we provide tickets to events, theatre, and movies. We encourage groups to bring their projects to the Women’s Centre. We also facilitate participation in broader community events like the Sisters in Spirit march.

Artist in Residence (AiR) Program

The AiR Program was created in celebration of our 20th anniversary to provide increased opportunity for women in our community to connect with Calgary’s arts and music community, while also providing increased visibility and support to local women-identifying artists. We select one artist or group of artists for each season of the year to lead skill building workshops and perform at special Women’s Centre events to provide all women in Calgary with new opportunities to celebrate creativity. This program includes any style of art: visual, music, film, etc.