Witchcraft and Womanhood

Witchcraft and Womanhood: Historical Misogyny and the “Evil” Woman From Revered Healer to Fearsome Wretch The witch stands as a powerful figure that appears in nearly every culture across the world. Once recognized as medicine healers, witches now conjure popular imageries of aging, ugly women who have vested powers in dark magic and trickster potions. …

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Books to Read this Women’s History Month

October is Women’s History Month in Canada. Women’s History Month is a powerful opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the significant contributions of women and gender-diverse people across the world. Throughout history, women and gender-diverse people have always defied expectations, pushed boundaries, and created impactful change for generations to come. This reading list highlights books written …

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Wildfires and Gender

The Northwest Territories evacuation order for Yellowknife and British Columbia’s declared provincewide state of emergency are the latest additions to Canada’s record-breaking reports on wildfire devastation. With over 13.4 million hectares of land burned, the severity of Canadian wildfires is undoubtedly a result of climate change. Rising greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures have led …

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Join Us for a Community-Based Discussion – Gendered Housing Crisis

Join Us for a Community-Based Discussion on the Gendered Housing Crisis with the Federal Housing Advocate! On August 8, 2023, the Women’s National Housing & Homelessness Network (WNHHN), Calgary Women’s Centre, and the National Indigenous Housing Network (NIHN) will be hosting Federal Housing Advocate Marie-Josée Houle for a community-led discussion on housing precarity and homelessness …

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Election Day is Here!

Today marks the final day of Election Season at the Women’s Centre, (Election Day)! Throughout the month of May, we interacted with hundreds of women and learned about their top election issues, shared how and where to vote, discussed party platforms, watched the debate, engaged our youth in the importance of voting, partnered with Elections …

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Pandemic Recovery: Building a More Equitable Future for Women

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and deepened inequities in our society, especially for women with intersecting social identities and experiences (such as race, Indigeneity, disability, immigration status, gender identity and income status). As we look towards recovery, how do we ensure that in the future, wealth, work and care responsibilities are more fairly distributed and …

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