Dedicated staff members are integral to the Women’s Centre’s mission to be every woman’s place for support, connections and community. The Women’s Centre invests time and effort in creating a working environment where staff can thrive.

The Women’s Centre is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applicants from diverse groups to apply. We pay a living wage.



The Women’s Centre of Calgary is seeking a Reconciliation Program Coordinator to fill a part-time, project position until the end of March 2020. Work within an open, supportive team environment with a strong community-based organization focused on social justice.

ABOUT THE POSITION: The Reconciliation Program Coordinator will oversee the Women’s Centre’s (WC) Reconciliation strategy and work to:

  • Develop and share strategies and best practices to promote the inclusion of Indigenous women’s leadership in WC programs, services and community;
  • Recruit Indigenous volunteers, match them to existing Centre volunteer opportunities, and create new roles to meet volunteer needs and interests;
  • Develop and facilitate a training workshop for all volunteers on Indigenous practices and issues;
  • Work closely with other WC staff and volunteers to foster participation and leadership for Indigenous women in all areas of the WC;
  • Act as community liaison to build strategic relationships in Calgary;

QUALIFICATIONS: The successful candidate will have many, or all, of the below qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Reconciliation in a Calgary/Alberta context;
  • In-depth understanding of the history, location and cultural diversity of Indigenous people in Alberta;
  • Have experience working with Indigenous groups, communities, and Indigenous-serving agencies;
  • Possess critical awareness of the nature and root causes of complex issues such as gender inequality and issues experienced by Indigenous communities in Canada;
  • Ability to accommodate some evening work;
  • Experience working with volunteers;
  • Knowledge of Blackfoot or Cree an asset.

Please send resumes and letters of interest to This position will be filled as soon as possible.