Belly Dancing: Perfection in Imperfection

Jaime Emond, volunteer workshop facilitator at the Women’s Centre, has found a way to blend her love for dance with her passion for giving back to the community. According to Jaime, belly dancing is a great way to bring people together and break down barriers in how we view our bodies.

Jaime Emond, Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

“It is an unfortunate fact that the world we live in often makes women feel as if they are in competition with each other. This really comes into play with physical appearance as we are constantly bombarded with images of unrealistic body types,” says Jaime.

She continues: “Belly dance is a beautiful way to break down these walls as we celebrate our individuality, every curve, jiggle and wiggle”.

Jaime’s approach to teaching dance shares some common ground with her personal definition of feminism: “To me, feminism is standing up for the right every woman should have to find, cultivate, and express her true self…without fear of judgment, persecution or suppression”.

During her women’s-only belly dancing classes at the Centre, Jaime focuses on the importance of making sure everyone feels comfortable.

“Through belly dance, we can learn to feel comfortable in our own skin, and learn to love the perfectness of our imperfections,” says Jaime.

Jaime Emond has been volunteering at the Women’s Centre for the last three years as an evening workshop facilitator. During the summer months, she also leads belly dancing sessions at the Women’s Centre’s Girl Power summer camps.

With a five-week workshop currently underway, Jaime welcomes dancers of all skill levels to join her on Monday evenings at the Women’s Centre from now until the end of February.

To register for one of Jaime’s belly dancing workshop, please visit our online workshop calendar

Jaime Emond, professional belly dancer and volunteer workshop facilitator at the Women’s Centre
Belly Dancing with Jaime at Girl Power Summer Camps
Jaime leading Monday evening belly dancing classes at the Women’s Centre

0 thoughts on “Belly Dancing: Perfection in Imperfection”

  1. Love this post! Yes belly dancing is about celebrating our feminism and our bodies, its not about being skinny or round, its about embracing our bodies with love.

  2. Sally-Jane Walsh

    I would love to take classes in belly dancing and raise my self-esteem. I have recently been through a very frightening health issue in my life and I think this would really help me. Where do you hold classes and how much are they. I live in the Northeast and would love if you could let me know where a class like this would be located in my area. I’d bring my daughters as well. 🙂 Thanks for this article. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers.

  3. Hi Jaime

    Id love to chat with you about bellydancing. Im run a centre for the arts in NE Calgary specializing in all ages and abilities in the arts and would love to see if you would be interested in teaching? Or if you know of anyone who would like to teach?

    Please contact me at

    thanks! I really think what you are doing is amazing!

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