Why Volunteer at the Women’s Centre?

Volunteering at the Women’s Centre is an extremely fulfilling experience! Volunteers are being offered incredible opportunities to :

  • Meet and connect with other women
  • Gain solid experience and knowledge of community space and community building
  • Work within a unique Peer Model, which fosters an atmosphere of trust and collaboration
  • Explore a diversity of volunteering positions
  • Participate in all Women’s Centre event and access all services we offer
  • We also celebrate our volunteers and their achievements.  Volunteers are eligible for a reference letter after 6 months of interrupted active volunteering with us

Volunteer Application

  • Belief Sheet

    As a feminist women’s organization that works towards providing a safe space for all women, the Women’s Centre has clear values. This belief sheet creates an opportunity for the Women’s Centre to be open and upfront about its values and enables discussion where values may differ between individuals and the organization.
  • Thank you

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Women's Centre and for completing the volunteer application!
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