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At the Make One Change women’s gathering we spoke about momentum and mobilization. And as we have seen after the recent floods in our region, folks in Calgary clearly know how to mobilize for action and work together as a community. 

A diversity of local issues impacting women in our region were discussed at Make One Change. During the Knowledge Café, presenters and individuals were asked to come up with concrete strategies and next steps to address some of the issues and make change for women.

  • Click here to see the group actions for change.

  • A list of all individual actions for change can be found here.

Make One Change Program Guide (lower res)Of the more than 250 actions for change that came out the event, a keyword density analyses tells a story of its own:

  •      1.  women – 85 times (19%)
  •      2.  issues – 40 times (9%)
  •      3.  involved – 22 times (5%)
  •      4.  continue – 21 times (5%)
  •      5.  attend – 20 times (4%)
  •      6.  community – 19 times (4%)
  •      7.  work – 18 times (4%)
  •      8.  learn – 17 times (4%)
  •      9.  support – 16 times (4%)
  •     10. take – 16 times (4%)

Our goal is to support all those working to make a difference in the lives of women in our communities. If you were unable to attend Make One Change but would like to support any of the initiatives that came from the gathering, please get in touch with one of our Community Engagement Coordinators, Leah ( or Aimar (

For those who attended Make One Change, please remember to let us know when you have completed any of your actions.* We have a vision of completing all actions for change one year after the gathering date (June 15, 2014).

*If you don’t see your actions on this list, please contact Leah or Aimar. We may have had difficulty reading your form or did not receive it.

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