With incredible community support, the Women’s Centre continues to make a difference in the lives of women in Calgary.

In 2020, we responded to over 50,000 contacts from women in Calgary.

From employed women who cannot afford bus tickets to get to work; to mothers with small children needing emergency food hampers; to new immigrant women coming to our Practice English groups, we continue to support and connect women through our services.

We are providing basic needs assistance to women more than ever before. We are working to maintain a safe place for women to build community, to receive assistance and to help in return as they are able. And we are facilitating opportunities for women to address the underlying causes of the situations they deal with.

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The Numbers

In 2020, the Women’s Centre of Calgary:
  • Responded to more than 50,000 contacts from women.
  • Provided direct assistance with basic needs 11,541 times.
  • Made 2,811 basic need referrals and advocacy calls.
  • Provided workshops covering topics such as health & wellness, arts & crafts, and professional development with 1,411 attendees.
  • Provided Legal Advice Clinics accessed 390 times.
  • 412 women completed tax returns.
  • Made 20,613 peer support, information and follow-up contacts.
  • Welcomed 2,186 attendees to make social connections and build community.
  • Welcomed women to use our computers and office equipment 4,132 times.
  • 211 volunteers have supported the Centre with 3,393 hours of volunteer work


The Centre achieved the following outcomes:
  • 88% of workshop participants report they learned something they wanted to know
  • 98% of women using the Centre report they feel safe at the Women’s Centre
  • 97% of women report they are treated with respect at the Women’s Centre
  • 90% of women report feeling at home or a sense of belonging at the Women’s Centre
  • 78% of women coming to the Centre report they get support when they need it
  • 83% of women said they met someone here they wouldn’t normally meet
  • 81% of women met people at the Women’s Centre they would not normally meet
  • 80% of women report they know more about women’s issues
  • 79% of respondents said they know more about women’s issues and community issues.
In 2020, we responded to:
Contacts from women
50 %
Were made in person
30 %
Were made by phone
8 %
Were made by email
At the Women’s Centre, we are a diverse community of women:
  • 13% are Aboriginal, First Nations, Inuit or Métis
  • 20% are immigrants and/or refugees
  • 21% are visible minorities
  • 10% are LGBTQIA2-S
  • 16% are living with a disability
  • 12% are seniors
  • 7% are youth (under 25)
And many of us experience the following challenges:
  • 40% are living or have lived in poverty
  • 31% are raising child(ren) or have raised child(ren) as a single parent
  • 30% are experiencing or have experienced a violent relationship
  • 11% are involved or have been involved in the criminal justice system
  • 32% have or have had  a chronic health issue
  • 21% are, or have been, homeless or living in a shelter
  • 36% are unemployed
  • 14% are underemployed or have precarious employment
  • 39% are single, divorced, or separated


Every day women tell us how the Women’s Centre has impacted their lives. In outcome evaluation surveys, women included comments such as:
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